Patriotic Red, White and Blue Fruit “Flag”

Blueberries, Bananas and Strawberries Arranged as a Patriotic Flag

I love real food. And I love the USA!  So, I cannot let a patriotic holiday pass without celebrating with patriotic real food. But not the artificially colored creations you see at many gatherings. This real food idea is real patriotic and so easy, my 11 year old made it. It was even her idea to use the blueberry container trimmed down a bit to keep the blueberries in line.

No recipe. No Pinterest fail to report here; leave those for amateur overachievers.  Serve this fruit flag with a side of fresh whipped cream and you can’t get more American than that (…unless you don’t serve it in Polish pottery, of course.)  You know you can count on me to keep it real and easy. So, feel free to pin it and enjoy it for your next patriotic holiday.

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