Taco Tuesday Starter Kit: a Holiday Real-Food Gift

Gift giving at the holidays can get out of control, am I right? I usually rack my brain over what to give as a gift and often end up giving a gift card–which appears to be the most thoughtless gift EVER. But what no recipient will ever know is that I arrive at “gift card” only after I spend countless hours convincing myself no one wants more clutter or what I like. I guess that’s okay. Because who doesn’t like a gift card? But then last year, I thought some more…what if I could give a real-food gift that solves the problem of “what’s for dinner?”

As I always say, everyone eats. So, over the years I have also given many food gifts! Homemade food gifts are thoughtful, delicious (if I say so myself) and increasingly rare.

So, last year I decided to share a healthful gift idea that solves a very common problem: what to have for dinner!

A Taco Tuesday Starter Kit!

When everyone else is sharing baked goods and other sweet treats, you too could be sharing a real-food dinner solution. And isn’t that like giving the priceless gift of free time?

It doesn’t get more thoughtful than that.

And who doesn’t like tacos?! These tacos are family friendly, easy to cook, and even gluten free!

How to Make Your Own Taco Tuesday Starter Kits

  • Print The Wandering RD’s Taco Tuesday Starter Kit tags (4 per page) with directions for using the kit. (Works best if you print on card stock.)
  • Mix up the taco seasoning and portion 2 tablespoons into little bags with a twist tie or mini plastic cups with lids.
  • Blend the fast, fresh salsa and portion into 8 ounce jars (keep it in the fridge for 2 weeks or put in the freezer until needed).
  • Add some organic corn tortillas.

Then assemble everything in a basket, box or bag and tie on the tag!

And don’t forget to make one for yourself! Happy Holidays!

Stay tuned for more easy, real food gift giving ideas…I’m preparing a round-up post for you to have a variety of options.

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